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Bonfire of the Humanities

During the Winter 2020 quarter, I was interning full time with Universal Creative, Resort Development Team, working as the assistant for the Graphics Manager. This internship was in Orlando, forcing my decision to take a full course load, remotely. Because of the pertinence to my proposed thesis, I decided to take Interactive Design and Media Application (ITGM 705). Our Midterm project was focused on creating a non-digital game. This is my game, "Bonfire of the Humanities". The players all select a card from the deck (either side is fine, they're all shuffled and random) and are given 2 minutes to convince the rotating position of "Savonarola", the fanatical cleric, that their artefact is actually useful and not simply vain decoration. Whoever has the most convincing argument gets to keep their artefact card, and everyone else must cast theirs onto the bonfire pile. Whomever has the most artefact cards at the end is declared the winner, or the Medici.


"Don’t know your art history? It doesn’t matter. When you only have 2 minutes to make up a reason to keep your precious artefacts, you’ve got to be quick and convincing. Reason with Savonarola that your piece makes the most sense, and you’ll save the art and artefacts from the bonfire. The player that saves the most art and artefacts is deemed a Medici, a true Patron of the Arts!"

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