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Sketchup & VRay

This first project is a Sketchup model of a late 1940's travel agency office. I named the business "St. Augustine Travels". This is a two-fold naming convention, playing first with the Northeast Florida city of St. Augustine which is the oldest European settlement in North America, founded in 1565. Secondly, it allowed me to incorporate the famous St. Augustine of Hippo quote, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." into the promotional materials and use that as the driving force for the different colours, decor items, furniture, and even the wall and flooring treatments. 

BIt of saigon, pho for all

This second Sketchup project is a conceptual design based on a pre-existing business, Bit of Saigon, located in Jacksonville, Florida. Using their space, I adjusted the colour palette, and by reusing some of my digitally painted textures, I adjusted the atmosphere of the restaurant slightly. By adding a picture wall, it creates another point of interest. Using fabrics from Vietnam, France, and the American South, and images from the owner, his family and their travels, it makes this family owned and operated restaurant space feel much more home-like and inviting. This was an Interior Design project based on Environmental Psychology for Interior Design. 

"Come in for the Pho. Stay a while, have a little respite, enjoy a Bit of Saigon."

Swimmin' Hole, Redux

This last Sketchup project is a conceptual design of a resort swimming area, including a large pool, waterslide, floating island, hot-tub, toddler wading area, sundeck fitted with lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas, and various Quick-Service food options. It was necessary to use the space intelligently, using my existing knowledge of recreational pool usage and landscape design to best suit an area that needed to fit the theme of an upscale resort in the deep south, whilst still maintaining some of the more low-country quaintness and bucolic comforts.

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