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Want to know what I worked on during my job as a Visual Information Specialist at Golden Spike National Historical Park in the Summer/Fall of ‘21?

I was listening and learning from some amazing folks and after a good deal of research and discussion, we decided to put together a welcome film to help inform visitors about the rich history surrounding the park and how to get the most out of a visit.

I am blessed to have called these folks my coworkers, and humbled beyond explanation that they allowed me the freedom to carry out my vision for this project. From concept, to developing the outline, collaborating on the script, researching and purchasing the video and sound equipment (gimbal, lav mic, shotgun mic, etc…), planning the shots, filming on location, adjusting and being flexible when weather was wonky, grabbing sounds for foley, coaching the on screen talent, finding appropriate BGM, sourcing stock footage (for the intro, effects, etc…) and finally editing all of it in After Effects and Premiere Pro (after having to learn those programs), I hope y’all enjoy the film.

All of the hard work that the rangers and staff at Golden Spike put into this, I am so grateful for them all.

This is a collection of event posters used for publicity around the "Summer at the Summit" events as well as used for graphics on the park's website (, mobile app, social media, and for local print distribution. This series began as a commemoration of our summer events and has branched out to include earlier events and will likely continue throughout the upcoming years.

Now, there is a comprehensive series of posters for marketing use throughout the year. These will remain undated and though some may be tied to specific events, they are easy to repurpose for site banners where the CMS system can be customised for the addition of dates, times, and other pertinent info, should it be deemed necessary.

These are also of such a quality that the park can make printed versions for visitors to purchase in the Visitor Center gift shop.

Locomotive Notecards-01
Locomotive Notecards-02
Locomotive Notecards-03
Locomotive Notecards-04
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