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Ireland Pavilion

This Ireland Pavilion concept and graphics program is part of the larger Atlas Gardens project assignment. I created the graphics program seen below for an Irish Pub Crawl Experience located in the "Streets of Dublin" area of the Pavilion. Featured are three existing pubs that have been sampled heavily for brand recognition as well as new pubs linked directly to Irish films, literature, lore, and legends. This connection to the Ancient stories of the Tuatha Dé Danann (the supernatural people/ancestors of Irish legend) is the overarching theme for this area.

Tuar Ceatha

A major part of the Ireland Pavilion concept and graphics program is a lot of restaurants that highlight the best and brightest of new, innovative Irish cuisine. Within the overarching graphics program, I created a concept for a Tea Room, Tuar Ceatha, the Irish word for rainbow. This is keeping with the otherworldly theming for the land, bridging the modern with the mystical, the here to the hereafter. This tea room and lounge incorporates the brightly coloured, elegant, Georgian tea rooms and dining rooms from British Occupied Dublin and changes them to places for relaxation, community, comfort, with a touch of opulence and bright, vibrant colours for everyone to enjoy. This is a preliminary concept design, with room for growth and development. 

Streets of dublin

As a point of reference, a major attraction in Dublin is the Temple Bar area of the city. Many tourists and locals frequent this area for a bit of food, drink, music, and revelry. In Ireland, this is called "The craic" or "Craic" and you'll often hear people going for "A bit of the craic". My partner on this project and I both decided that any true Ireland pavilion would be loaded to the brim with all the craic we could supply. Below is the graphics package for a space where the craic is mighty.

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