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This is the short film I created during my season as a Visual Information Specialist for the US National Park Service. I developed the concept with feedback from park leadership, created a storyboard, collected historical data and honed the script, researched mobile filmmaking equipment and sourced the appropriate tools needed for the project, cast the various roles, coached the on-screen talent for their parts, filmed the video, collected various foley sounds needed for enhancing the background sounds, selected appropriate stock music and some stock video and a motion graphics template for the intro, and finally edited all of it together into this 6:51 short film, "Welcome to Golden Spike".

Below are two pieces, titled "Lyrical Exploration Videos" where I used historic images, art, and contemporary works to derive meaning from the lyrics of the songs that were used for the basis of each video.

The third video is a quick animation done using an existing photo.

Lyrical Exploration 1 K Bailey

Lyrical Exploration 1 K Bailey

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