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Space hotel Posters

The SCAD course, THED765, Design for Themed Environments, focuses on design projects typical of common projects in the industry. We students and our professor were purposed to choose assignments such as the repurposing or expanding of an existing attraction or facility, adding a new major sponsor or new merchandise expansion shop at the exit of an existing attraction, creating a new outdoor stage for live performance in an unused land area based on the needs, interests and composition of the class. We were given the options of redesigning an existing concept for a hotel located in orbit, and/or a design competition called Urban Confluence, located in San Jose, California, redesigning the area specified within the scope of the competition. For my part of the course, I created the designs for the posters for all of the other students' projects to their specifications and concepts, integrating as much of their aesthetics and colour palette as possible.

Here is a link to the wonderful program created by my diligent and talented classmate, Lindsey Ellis, for the Fall Showcase 2019 event:

Daedalus Tours.png

Daedalus Tours: 

In order to give a narrative to my own project, I decided to come up with a tour company. Having experience in the travel industry, I felt that my classmates' many exotic destinations would prove an interesting addition to the burgeoning event horizon of interspace travel.

Hence, Daedalus Tours came to be. I am theming all of the following project posters as travel posters, to fit within this overarching narrative.

Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg


STAR TREK: Enterprise Escape



For one of my classmates, Brendan J. Favo, Star Trek is a defining tome in the epic saga of his life. His Fall '19 project is centered around creating a Star Trek themed escape room. Focused on USS Enterprise NCC-1701, he created a 3/8 scale model, designed the schematics for 3D printed furniture, and set up an Arduino board for lights and sounds effects.

I created this corresponding graphic poster for promotional marketing material for his experience.

The amazing Concepts

The original plan for this series was to be individualised and in totally different styles, however as the term progressed, the discrepancies in the aesthetics were so apparent that the cohesion of the group was lost completely. I began research for a more unified series of travel posters and came across Henry Rivers' collection, Travel Poster Co. 

His work is referenced in one of my earlier pieces, Rio, from the Vintage Travel Poster section.

Although my work here is not visually similar to Henry Rivers' work, his methods and process directly influenced this series.

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