TEC Workshop Series - Team 7

During the summer of 2020, The Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series (TECWS) began with its first ever Pitch Deck. My team, Team 7, was given the prompt: Deep Space Exploration with the experience type: Log Flume. My amazing team brainstormed, researched, had heated discussions about, and finally developed a dynamic backstory and fantastic storyline for "The Academy of Wayfinding Education" or A.W.E. 

Here is our Team Card:






















My team is comprised of the following folks:

Shannon Knox: Mentor

Caitlin Sprague: Creative Producer

Paula Torbay: Writer

LaRisa Dunham: Concept Illustrator 1

Garrett Cebollero: Concept Illustrator 2

Me, Kelly Bailey: Graphic Designer

Key Considerations:

We decided to create an academy for training people in the methods of wayfinding, from the ancient and traditional to the conceptual ones geared for the future.

Team 7.jpg
Academy Colour Deck.png
Exploration Colour Deck.png