TEC Workshop Series - Team 7

During the summer of 2020, The Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series (TECWS) began with its first ever Pitch Deck. My team, Team 7, was given the prompt: Deep Space Exploration with the experience type: Log Flume. My amazing team brainstormed, researched, had heated discussions about, and finally developed a dynamic backstory and fantastic storyline for "The Academy of Wayfinding Education" or A.W.E. 

Here is our Team Card:






















My team is comprised of the following folks:

Shannon Knox: Mentor

Caitlin Sprague: Creative Producer

Paula Torbay: Writer

LaRisa Dunham: Concept Illustrator 1

Garrett Cebollero: Concept Illustrator 2

Me, Kelly Bailey: Graphic Designer

Key Considerations:

We decided to create an academy for training people in the methods of wayfinding, from the ancient and traditional to the conceptual ones geared for the future.


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