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George's Marvellous Medicine Makers

The project was conceptually an IP overlay for the ride vehicle and building of an existing, famous dark ride attraction located at both DLP and WDW. This assignment specifically relied on an understanding of the ride vehicle, story delivery methods, THRC vs HRC, BlueSky vs Reality, and employment of an IP that is not currently in a theme park environment. Our professor, the ever illustrious Bob Shreve, allowed us leeway to explore different storylines and story delivery methods, and through conference and planning discussions, he helped us hone our concepts.

My partner, Lia Rudd, and I began the process with re-reading the story, George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. For our Standby and Pre-show Queue Story Concepts, as well as the overall Concept, we decided to tell the story of what happens when all of the people in town hear that their grandparents and other perpetually grumpy folks around town can be "healed" like George's grandmother was. George is a hero, but there is a major problem: George didn't write his recipe down. He's enlisting us, the guests, to help him remember exactly what he added to this mixture. And then, the hijinks ensue. 

Below are the Deliverables List, Scope Documentation, and final Presentation. 

All of the characters and IP belong solely to the estate of Roald Dahl and the storyline, and ride concept belong to myself and Lia Rudd.

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