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Magazine Concept:

Global Table

During my final quarter of graduate school (Spring 2020), I was still interning full time with Universal Creative, Resort Development Team, working as the assistant for the Graphics Manager. This internship was originally located in Orlando, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the job transitioned into remote work just before the quarter began. Taking another a full course load and working remotely proved to be a massive challenge. Because of the pertinence to my work with Universal Creative, I decided to take a Graphic Design and Visual Experience course (GDVX 501). Our Midterm project was focused on creating a magazine concept. I worked with a partner: my dear friend, Lia Rudd, for this project. She and I developed the logo together, and I took ownership of the overall look while Lia focused her attention on the layouts of the spreads.


Our concept was the Global Table. When I think of comfort and welcome, nothing makes me feel more invited than the idea of being around a communal table, enjoying the food, joy, and love of a homemade meal. With Global Table, readers are able to visit the kitchens of home cooks as well as world renowned chefs from around the world. Past the outer-most reaches of our communities, this publication is able to bring the food, cultures, and stories of these dynamic and vibrant people into the lives of our readers. We even have a digital mode that allows our readers to connect with the magazine through tablets, PCs, Laptops, or even mobile devices, connecting to rich, engaging content that brings to life the stories within these pages and might even surprise our users with some not-so-local cooking demonstrations right in the comfort of their own homes.

Final Cover Design

Final Cover.png

Logo Concept Design

Logo Process.png

Logo Colour Studies

Colour Studies.png

Various Cover Concepts

Cover Design Concepts 1.png
Cover Design Concepts 2.png

Animated Gifs

Global Table Abuelita AR Mockup.gif

This is for our "Homecooking" focus.

(I sourced the video here for stills:)

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