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Adventures* in Grad Schooling

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The Tales and Experiences of a 40 year old creative.

(Also, also known as, "Don't do what I'm doing. That is a lot of pressure. We're all out here, just trying to live our best lives.")

When I started on this epic journey from a career in education (art and art history) and coaching (rowing), I decided to fling myself into my MFA quest with no regrets. No hang-ups, no questions, just blind faith in my own rusty abilities and the unwavering support of my family, friends, and colleagues. (Thanks, y'all.)

Before this foray into grad school, a wise man asked me what I really wanted out of life. If teaching was my end game, or was I prepared to make the change into something less stable. He asked me a lot of other questions, and I really wasn't prepared to even think about those choices, let alone give an answer to someone else. How on earth could I know what I was getting into? Everyone experiences school/learning very differently, so why would I assume that someone else would be able to guide me? I'm not really one for taking things at face value. The rough answer is that sometimes (a lot of times!) you're going to need to lean on the experience and expertise of your classmates and peers. For anyone who is the least bit controlling, this doesn't end up working well. You have to know how and when to let go.

So, what happens when someone who is used to being in charge has to let go? Well, at first, there is anxiety. But after the first quarter is over, that person (hopefully) will realise that there is a lot to learn from a smooth collaboration and actual input from others. Sometimes, you have a great eye and your own clarity is needed. Your voice isn't the only one that is valid, though.

(I'll try to keep writing, if for nothing else but as a journal of my time and experiences.)

Thanks for reading, y'all.


*Results may vary.

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